Interior, Exterior House Painting Services

Interior, Exterior House Painting Services


Painters services for both interior, exterior house painting encompasses a wide range of specialties. Essentially, anything having paint covering, or wall covering falls in these home improvement categories for house painting services which painters provide.

New Home Construction, Let The Painters Fix It!


We will separate the two house painting services, diving into each one, explaining each in detail. But first, let me go back to 1977. This is when a common phrase in the construction field by other trades building homes was, "Let the painters fix it".

If a plumber, or electrician needed to cut a new hole in a wall, running pipe or wire, it was no big deal to them. They just said, let the painters fix it. This was also stated by carpenters needing to make changes to what was already painted.

Building new homes, many different tradesmen worked around finished interior, exterior painted surfaces. And you guessed it, many things could happen, and they did, until new home was sold, thus being occupied.

Learning this at a very young age, it was apparent I needed more than a paint brush & roller to be on top of my game servicing interior, exterior house painting. Including a wide range of tools to make everything same as before, or like new again.

Interior House Painting Services


Various interior house painting services include anything having to do with paint inside the home. Wall coverings, whether it be wallpaper, paneling, drywall textures, also including anything painted.

  • Drywall textures
  • Popcorn removals
  • Wallpaper installation / removals
  • Painting walls, ceilings, doors, trim
  • Painting kitchen cabinets
  • Stain, lacquer
  • Light carpentry

You see, interior house painting serves many areas, making them all like new

Exterior House Painting Services


Many different exterior house painting services involve how homes exteriors are constructed. Some even have decks, pergolas, awnings attached. Letting the painters fix it, if wood has deteriorated, needing to replace. Latter either staining or painting. Thereby increasing the number of services for exteriors. Such as,

  • Cleaning, pressure washing
  • Caulking wood joints
  • Painting Masonite™ siding
  • Painting Cedar siding
  • Prepare soffits for painting
  • Painting fascia, gutters, garage doors
  • Making minor wood repairs
  • Replacing window trim

Exterior painting services is a lot more than just painting outside of a home, or picking up a hammer. Having a qualified team of painters knowing how to do all these things, you are best served.

Matter of fact, as painting is our specialty, so is replacing full siding replacements if called upon. Being able to offer clients a wide range of house painting services, whether it be interior or exterior, gives a more streamlined home improvement services.

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