Know The Types Of Paint You Can Choose To Paint House

Types Of Paint You Can Choose To Paint House

Know_The_Types_Of_Paint_You_Can Choose_To_Paint_Your_House

There may be many types of paints in the market are classified in accordance to their sheen, common types of which are flat, satin or eggshell, semi-gloss or gloss. Here you learn all different types of paints and their appropriate surface applicability.

There is no doubt that the house is one of your most important assets. There are many things that can make or unmake the beauty of the house. One of these factors is the painting, whether it is interior or exterior painting – even painting of the siding can alter the aesthetic value of your house.

So – if you are going to paint your house, do not leave everything to your paint contractor. Know the different types of paints and pick out for yourself the paint most appealing to you.

Paint Sheen


Paint sheen is about the gloss or how shinny the painted surface will be. High gloss will make the surface ultra shinny. The flat may not be shinny but this will not reflect the light, also hiding scratches.

Flat Sheen

Flat sheen is most applicable to walls. They are the dullest of all types – lowest in sheen. As flat type, these are not reflective of light and can easily hide any surface imperfection such as scratches. These are smooth and matte finish.

Satin or Eggshell Sheen

Satin or eggshell sheens have little sheen but they are also low-luster. With these types of paint, the room exudes the quality of depth and warmth. They are easier to clean in comparison to the flat paint. They are also more durable and would not peel easily.

Semi-gloss Sheen

Semi-gloss sheens are the easiest to clean, being very durable. Semi-gloss is applied on areas that are most frequented. Just as semi-gloss is the easiest to clean, they are also best for kitchen, bathroom and children’s playroom and bedroom, having shinny finish.

Gloss Paint Sheen

Gloss paint sheen also referred to as High Gloss. These types of paints have the highest sheen quality, being most shinny. They are the most durable of all the paint types so they are generally used for doors, baseboards, also accents.

Oil Or Latex Types Of Paint


Your final criterion in choice of paint is whether you will opt for the latex or the oil-based.

Oil paint

This is more durable than latex and you can scrub the painted surface. It is shinny and application is smooth. It hides surface imperfections such as stains. The oil based is required to cover previously oil-based painted surface.

Latex paint

This is the more popular choice today. It cleans easily and has less odor. This is water-based making it easy to manage. It dries faster that the oil-based and it can resist discoloration and mildew formation.

Now that you have a idea on what paint – you can start with your project – paint the house! What remains for you after you have decided on the type is to make up your mind on the color, is paint preparations. Knowing there are many steps involved, good to get first hand accounts, before actually picking up a paint brush.

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