Painters In Denver Use More Green Paint Colors


More green paint colors available transform your space with these fabulous green paint hues Found this article from Color House Paint above, knowing homes and businesses here in Denver can ultimately benefit from the newest green colors.

Allowing all the painters in Denver being true artists on a much larger scale, updating with the warmest earth tone colors available for a captivating interior.

          From light to dark, and muted to barely-there, we have a green for every taste.

        Colorhouse hue GLASS .06
GLASS .06 is a strong, solid green. What we call an anchor hue, this color will ground any color palette. Try on kitchen cabinets for an Old World feel.

Colorhouse hue GLASS .05
GLASS .05 is a hardworking green that rolls up its sleeves and gets the job done. The cool of an old school chalkboard. Pair with industrial furnishing for a modern utilitarian look.

Colorhouse hue Almost Ripe
Almost Ripe: On the verge of green, this complex yellow hue was inspired by Brazil’s abundant banana production. Bright, energetic, and bold, this color calms when paired with soft hues like light pink and grounding greens.

Colorhouse hue Forest Filter
Forest Filter: In the rainforests of Brazil, sunlight is filtered through layers of leaves by the time it hits the forest floor. Looking up, you can see the range of greens from dark to light, from near to far. An expansive and calming hue, this green fosters clear thought and creativity.

Colorhouse hue THRIVE .06
Emerald green THRIVE .06 is all about drama, especially when paired with black and white. Inspired by French kitchen tiles and asian silks.

Colorhouse hue THRIVE .05
THRIVE .05 is reminiscent of 1940s chalkboard green. This hue really sings in a kitchen — you can almost smell the juniper.

Colorhouse hue GLASS .02
Like juniper bushes in the high desert, GLASS .02 is a green that is on the edge of blue. Sleep peacefully in a bedroom bathed in this color.

Colorhouse hue RDH Emerald
RDH Emerald: A mix of light + dark, green + blue, vibrant + muted. A throwback color made for today.

Colorhouse hue THRIVE .01
A light, fresh green, THRIVE .01 is like spring wheat. Crisp yet tranquil, can be the prettiest hue when used in bedroom and kitchens.

Colorhouse hues THRIVE .01, THRIVE .02, and THRIVE .05
THRIVE .02 is a muted lime green, like the first buds of spring. Bring a twist to traditional architecture with this modern hue.
THRIVE .03 is an electric, bold green, beautiful as an accent wall in a modern living room.

Colorhouse hue SPROUT .05
SPROUT .05 is a playful, healthy green. Like a fresh spring bud, use this hue in kids rooms and nurseries.

Colorhouse hue AIR .05
AIR .05 is a very light green. The color of reflective light from outside – a light, airy vapor – it is a hue that lifts and breathes in a space.

Colorhouse hue LEAF .02
LEAF .02 is a neutral green that walks the line between green and gold. Flows with LEAF .05 beautifully. Warm for gathering spots such a living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, an elegant color for a master bedrooms.