Exterior House Painting in Denver

Exterior House Painting in Denver


Exterior painting in Denver Colorado offers several days painting outside throughout the year, even during the winter months. Below, a few ideas painting during these times. Denver throughout Colorado.

House painting season is normally Spring and Summer, generally thought as the best time to paint.

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While inside, most people think of interior house painting services during winter months, all for many different reasons. Exterior house painting is on most minds during this time.

Enjoying more time outside, homeowners have the ability to BBQ, enjoying the backyard, entertaining, with new paint color scheme.

Although painting in Denver, mild winter temperatures in Denver and Colorado Front Range, painting the exterior of a home or business can be accomplished year round. In Colorado's high country, this is a different story, with even more limited time schedule.

Exterior Painting, Denver, Boulder, Aurora, Colorado Springs

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A little more creativity is given during winter months, finishing exterior painting in Colorado. The following items require more creativity painting from October to February in Denver and Colorado's Front Range. Also allows advantages painting the exterior during the Winter months.

This photo was taken just after finishing an exterior painting job in Parker, a day after a few inches of snowfall. The roof is quickly melting, and all this snow is soon to be gone, allowing another premium time to paint during the winter, providing another snow fall is not in forecast.

  • Shorter days during winter
  • Follow Sun's rays
  • Wait for snow to melt
  • Low Temp exterior paint
  • Exterior house painting with low humidity
  • Exterior touch-ups
  • Exterior painting costs

Painting Exteriors During Winter Months


Shorter Days - Painting Exteriors

Normally Denver painters like to start from 7-8am.,  and as early as possible painting a home's exterior, however as Colorado time changes around Halloween in late October, Denver painters must wait till 8-9am. to start using exterior paint, having shorter days painting exteriors.

Halloween is the countdown time we normally see our first snowfall, sometimes a few weeks earlier or later, October can offer some amounts of snow. Surface temperatures are generally 10 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature, thus requiring a 45 degree temperature to apply exterior paint.

Follow Sun Rays - Painting Exteriors

Following the Sun's rays is the best way to insure warmest substrate temperature during the Winter months, just as being the opposite from Summer months, Denver painters always look for the coolest side, out of the Sun to apply exterior paint.

In the direct Sun, surface temperatures are generally 10-15 degrees warmer than shade,  making it perfect to paint in direct Sunlight during the Winter season.

Waiting for snow to melt - To Paint Exteriors

Most thoughts of Denver Colorado and tons of snow fall, is the same as everyone in Texas wears a Cowboy hat, however this is certainly not the case for either state. On rare occasions, Denver and Colorado's Front Range receives it's share of snowfall, as we desperately need it.

Although, with Colorado's arid and low humidity climate, Snow fall is gone in a few days in direct Sunlight. Painting the exterior, all snow must be off the roofs, not having to wait very long for this to happen, as rooftops are generally in direct Sunlight.

Low Temp Exterior Paint

Painting a home's exterior during the Winter months, a good characteristic in a high quality exterior paint is having a Low Temp additive mixed in the paint.

Sherwin-Williams and Kwal-Howell provide  these low temp additives that come pre-mixed, adding to the value and durability of paint.

Low Temp additives are invisible and paint quality is not affected. The only difference allows quicker drying rates, as in all house paint, paint dries slower in cooler temperatures, than warmer ones. Painting a metal door during these temperatures should be dealt with some constant observation.

Applying exterior or interior paint for that matter should be done during the warmest part of the day. Allowing the paint to cure and set-up before temperatures start to drop. Metal surfaces tend to conduct and hold ambient temps. the longest, whereby not allowing the paint to dry before it runs or sags.

I know, because I've been there. Generally the front door is the last thing to paint on an exterior, but not so much during the Winter. Exterior Front doors should be painted during the most optimum weather conditions and temperatures.

Exterior House Painting

In Denver, painting one's exterior, Colorado offers premium exterior house painting conditions, in all seasons. Having a very dry and desert climate, it is very rare Colorado has high humidity, and ever a concern. A home's exterior house paint generally dries to the touch within 15-20 minutes on an optimum day with 55 degree temperatures.

This time tends to increase the cooler it gets, and is main reason most Denver painters shut down painting operations around 3-4pm. During winter time, giving ample time for the new exterior painting coatings to dry properly, before temps drops to their lowest through the night. Knowing proper exterior paint drying rates is a plus for a long lasting exterior painting finish.

Exterior Touch-Ups

The best advice painting interiors or exteriors touch-ups include using same method first used. This can be done by spraying left-over product back into paint can, which allows a brush touching up a spray finish much better.

Touching up paint finishes should also be accomplished during the same or close to the same temperatures first used. These areas can affect paint color sheen, so keeping accurate records and notes of a painting project is always a plus.

Exterior Painting Costs

Keeping exterior painting costs down, affordable and within your budget in Denver. Painting a home's exterior during the Winter time is generally the same as the peak painting season, although taking a little longer painting an exterior due to reasons listed above.

There may be particular reasons to paint during the Winter months, such as buying or selling a home, adding a paint color to personalize one's exterior, and all this can be done just as easily as warmer months, adding a couple more days to finish than the Summer has to offer, while exterior paint pricing should stay the same year round, as most painting contractors, would agree.

Interior Painting Costs

Several factors are related to calculating interior painting costs, and are much different than exterior conditions. Never having to worry about temperatures, best to paint interiors during daylight hours, as the natural light is always the best. So there you have it!

Keeping both interior and exterior painting costs to a reasonable estimate, Eco Paint sees to it both types are within your reach and budget numbers. So Call Us Today!

Hope you enjoyed exterior painting tips during the winter months in Denver and Colorado's and Front Range. If this has been beneficial, leave a comment, like and/or share.

Exterior painting is not out of the question for painting Denver and surrounding areas, although having interior house painters is on the hearts and minds of local homeowners surrounding Denver and the Front Range.

Picking an optimum day is always first on the list for Eco Paint of Denver, painting exteriors, and Winter months offers many premium exterior painting time with the mild cool climate Denver has to offer.

If you have any house painting questions, Cal Phillips and Eco Paint, Inc. welcomes any all house painting questions. Contact Cal Phillips today at (303)591-4978 or online at Painting Denver, Boulder, Aurora, and Colorado Springs.





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