Cabinet Refinishing Easy, Quick, Economical

Easy Cabinet Refinishing, Quick & Economical


Rarely does easy, quick, economical, & ecological line up together on anything, but have found it with cabinet refinishing! Two products lend to this efficient way refinishing cabinets easy, quick, inexpensive, & ecological which we will discuss in depth below.

Great news, you do not have to be a professional painter, nor need a vast amount of experience bringing your cabinets up to par with user-friendly refinishing products today listed below.

Unlike before, having to sand, strip, stain, & lacquer, this was only left to the professional painting contractors.

Some lacquers were that of a compound nature, needing exact measurements mixed, with an exact air pressure spraying. These older finishes were never easy, quick, economical, nor ecological to say the least. But not any more!

Cabinet Refinishing Economical Way

Knowing that refinishing cabinets is economical or frugal way of hanging on to the cabinet itself.

Second most cost efficient way of keeping the framework is by refacing them, as this way cost substantially more. Third and highest costly way is brand new cabinetry itself.

Refinishing is even less expensive than actually painting cabinets even without sanding, as much more prep is required, thereby making refinishing the least expensive way and means updating your cabinets.

However, painting is described by many, is a ways and means of refinishing, but other finishes are much cheaper in the overall scheme of labor and materials involved.

Taking Easy Route

I've always thought if it's too easy, something must be wrong with it. Stumbling on this route several years ago, I was pleasantly amazed. There are two easy choices mentioned here, so be sure to read both.

Going over Shellacs, Varnishes, and Wiping Stains here, we've found an easier way of re-finishing more than half the cost of typical cabinet refinishing.

If your pleased with current stain color, but wish giving a hard gloss finish, a Sikkens™ Cetol Interior Door and Window product is the answer.

Even applying multiple coats, this product goes a long way, using only 1 qt. for  standard size kitchen cabinetry. 1 qt. Sikkens Door & Window

First, remove hardware drawer pulls and handles. This makes the next step preparing, more through. Good idea to place all knobs, pulls, and/or handles in a single empty can to keep together for re-installation afterwards.

This also allows you to soak them all in a warm mild dish wash detergent cleaning them with ease.

Second, clean with damp sponge or rag, wiping off dirt, grease, and grim from normal day to day usage. Clean especially around cabinetry close to stove area.

A film can be present, even if you cannot see it, so best to wipe all surfaces clean as a whistle anyway.

A mild detergent like Dawn®, Scrubbing Bubbles® or window cleaner can be used. Reason for cleaning very carefully is once your new finish is applied, anything will be trapped underneath coating.


Materials and supplies needed:

  • Good clean drop cloth, catching any splatters, drips
  • 3" Straight Cut Fine China bristle brush, don't skimp on this, getting the very best
  • Rags, sponge, & household cleaner
  • 1 qt. of Sikkens™ Cetol Door and Window Translucent
  • 1 qt. of Mineral Spirits
  • Disposable rubber gloves, eye protection, also respirator using Mineral Spirits

Quickest Way To Refinish

After cabinetry has completely dried, it's time to refinish. Quickest way I've found is opening up all cabinet doors, brushing even film on cabinet face and back of doors first.

Brush with longer strokes the better, 2-4 times per area, smoothing out to a level uniform finish. Once that has dried over night, front of doors and drawers can be done.  Repeat to acquire desired finish depth.

After each use, place brush in Mineral Spirits for it not to dry out. When time to reuse brush, just wrap a rag around brush to soak up excess, drying out brush for next application.

Important to keep area properly ventilated, as Mineral Spirits has very high V.O.C's (volatile odor content), and should be done no where near water heaters, furnaces,  and any open pilot lights.

Ecological In Comparison

This technique is ecological in comparison to the older stains, vanishes, and lacquers once used. Paint manufactures have come full circle with making today's products having less V.O.C's than before. Yes, even Mineral Spirits!


Cabinetry with multiple coats of Sikkens Door and Window


One thing for sure, once applied, these cabinets will sparkle, as a show case for any discriminating eye. Using this product refinishing your cabinets, will indeed make cleaning cabinets a walk in the park from this point forward.

Having a hard durable finish, gloss sheen will not dull or yellow out over time, making like new for many years to come.

Another advantage refinishing cabinets with Sikkens™ is upon second application say in 5-10 years, if you should ever want to, you'll only need half the product first used!

Perfect for those wishing to spruce up their home for little cost and minimal effort.

Second Product For Quick, Easy Cabinet Refinishing


MinWax® Polyshade® is my second pick, probably more readily available at local box stores, with a few name brand paint stores. Having used this one as well, no stripping, sanding needed to remove the old finish. Using a fine steel wool, wiping it with mineral spirits as described above, this is very similar to Skikkens™ Window and Door.

Both being very cost effective, able to change the color of your cabinets with Polyshade® rather easily, when time is a factor. Both products will revive your cabinetry to Like New! Both being very inexpensive compared to other refinishing techniques.

If you have all the necessary tools you need, I can see your finished cabinetry in a good one day! Changing the decor' to update your current tastes, with only a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

Materials and supplies needed:

  • Good clean drop cloth, catching any splatters, drips
  • 3" Straight Cut Fine China bristle brush, don't skimp on this, getting the very best
  • Rags, sponge, & household cleaner
  • 1 qt. of Minwax® Polyshades®
  • 1 qt. of Mineral Spirits
  • Disposable rubber gloves, eye protection, and respirator using Mineral Spirits


Both Sikkens™ & Minwax® Polyshades® are both high quality finishes, making it very easy, quick, also inexpensive to refinish cabinets. Sikkens™ may cost almost twice as much as Polyshades®, but we're only talking a few dollars at best. Sikkens™ Window and Door only comes in clear finish, where Polyshades® comes in multiple wood tone colors.

Both come in different sheens, matte, and gloss being most popular. Gloss is a bit trickier to work with, keeping a wet edge on your brush, but well worth with extra effort. Best to do all work during the daytime, with ample lighting.

Looking at your work at many different angles. However, both leave your cabinets a deep luxurious finish, that everyone will notice.

If you need experienced painters in Denver, look no further! Contact Eco Paint Today!

Best of luck with your cabinet refinishing, and glad to share this great news with you of all wishes finding easy, quick, economical as well as ecological.

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