How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets – No Sanding

Knowing What is the Best Brand of Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Understanding the best paint for kitchen cabinets is crucial, just as the following steps, tips, and knowledge is just as important. We all know cabinets are not painted everyday, nor usually more than once during the life of a kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Therefore, getting the best paint for your cabinets is essential. Interior house paint has come full circle with the technology, additives, and properties, incorporating oil or Alkyd paints with water-based Acrylic paints for water cleanup.

What you want to make sure is your buying a paint, having the hardest enamel coating once cured. Have you ever painted a pantry shelf, putting a can of soup or Green Giant Green Beans back on it weeks later, and the can still sticks? Well, that wasn't the correct type of paint, and neither would be for kitchen cabinets.

This brings up the topic of paint sheen, with Semi-gloss or Gloss paint finish being the hardest, most durable. Having one that allows you to wipe with a damp cloth is extremely important, cleaning spills, splatters, cake mixes, and waffle mixtures days later. I don't know about you, but I generally clean as I go, but some may wait, or get distracted, doing something else.

Waffle mixtures dry very hard, and having a paint harder than that, will make your life much easier. You know where I'm going with this don't you? Not wanting to say, ''Rats! My paint is coming off with myWaffle_Batter dried waffle batter!''. Keep reading, as these suggestions will ensure lasting beauty and years of enjoyment.

Top 2 Cabinet Paints Available

Cabinet paints recommended below, ensures a quality kitchen cabinet painting job from the get-go. Having many years of durability, proper adhesion and leveling will look like those cabinets were painted in the factory, having a hard car finish, and not some fly-by-night painting job. We have painted many kitchen and bathroom cabinets over the years for our clientele, and not one warranty question speaks highly.


ProClassic® Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel is a tough and durable coating that enhances the look of doors, trim, cabinets and furniture. Excellent adhesion, flow, and leveling, non-yellowing and a unique wet and dry hide makes ProClassic® a perfect choice.

Benjamin Moore™ 

ADVANCE® Interior Paint

A premium quality, waterborne alkyd paint that offers a full line of durable high-end finishes ideal for doors, trim and cabinetry.

Best of luck with your next kitchen cabinet painting job, knowing we have just scratched the surface (no pun intended). There is a tremendous amount of work besides any siding you might have to do, cleaning, priming, and spraying top coats of finish products. This work involves masking. Masking off everything you wish not to be painted in your kitchen, which includes ceilings, walls, back splashes, sinks, hardware, appliances, floors, and counter-tops.

We essentially make a spray booth in the kitchen, and has limited use for the duration of the painting procedure. Masking_Cabinets_Painting_Highlands_Ranch_Eco_Paint_2017Cutting a slit, or making a flap for an entry during this process. Your still able to access the refrigerator, but forget using the dishwasher, and range.

Spray painting your kitchen cabinets is indeed the best, most professional way to go. Hiring professional painters is your best option, having the experience, and expertise pulling this off, giving new life to cabinets once again. Masking_Kitchen_Cabinets_Painting_Highlands_Ranch_Eco_Paint_2017


Painting Kitchen Cabinets Tips

You have made an economical choice painting kitchen cabinets, however there are a few important tips to follow hopefully without having to sand, that your cabinetry comes out perfect, similar to a new car finish. Hopefully this article will provide you with the right knowledge beforehand, making your experience, enjoyable many years to come. Doing it right from the first time is ultimately important, knowing cabinets are one of the most expensive items built into your home. Walking you through this article, you will be far better versed when it comes to painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets in your residence.

Consequently, you will also enjoy many years of gratification, as others will too, who come to visit, knowing the kitchen is the life-blood of a home. Kitchens are where families spend the majority of the time, conversing, planning, cooking, and of course eating nearby. So it is essential that your kitchen cabinet painting is one that will last a lifetime, looking brand new ten years later, as the day they were painted.


In Closing

Hope you've enjoyed reading this material, and best of luck with your next cabinet painting job, saving you countless hours without having to sand. Also you'll never have to worry about waffle batter ever again, no matter how much you sling it!

Like to hear from you with any comments below, and if you're in the Denver, CO. area, needing the top painting contractor, having over 40 years experience, Give Us a Call! 

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