Can I Use Ceiling Paint On Walls Or Wall Paint On Ceilings

Wonder If I Can Use Ceiling Paint On Walls?


Thinking if I can use ceiling paint on walls, doors or trim? Or question if you can use wall paint on ceilings? Are getting ready painting interior of home? Laying out a few things to be aware, which we'll go over.

Will discuss typical interior ceiling paint, also wall paint, allowing you making an informed decision.

Guiding you with painting industry standards, mentioning some important features with each type of paint, so you can make an educated choice, whether or not using ceiling paint on your walls, trim or doors.

Using Ceiling Paint On Walls


Nine times out of ten, ceiling paint is a flat paint sheen finish. Reason for this is wanting ceilings to blend out, not in, going away. Typically not bringing attention to ceiling, as a higher gloss finish, than flat sheen would do.

  • Ceiling paint normally flat paint sheen
  • Wall paint usually eggshell paint finish
  • Popcorn ceiling texture best served with flat paint
  • All boxed ceiling paint in white color
  • Eggshell paint sheen doesn't bond to semi-gloss paints

Wall paint on the other hand usually is painted in an eggshell, pearl, or satin finish. These sheens provide a more cleanable surface, scrubbing off scuff marks, hand prints than flat finishes permits.

If you are looking for a modern updated professional appearance, having a smooth level five drywall finish, flat paints, both ceiling & wall paints look appealing. Giving an office setting feel, but most homes have some type of wall texture, as well as ceilings.

Painted Ceiling Textures


Some ceilings still have popcorn texture. Popcorn ceiling texture is best painted with flat paint sheen, again, not bringing attention to irregular, dime sized, popcorn balls on your ceiling. Flat ceiling paints work extremely well with knockdown or orange-peel drywall textures as well.

Ceilings with various textures blend into walls, or accentuate lid areas. As with popcorn ceiling texture, making that go away as best as possible, suggest using a flat ceiling paint, instead of satin, or semi-gloss.

Even more especially, having a smooth ceiling surface, flat ceiling paint works best, allowing you to paint walls with a flat, eggshell, satin, pearl paint sheen. Notice I mentioned flat walls? Yes, you are able to paint walls using same ceiling paint, same sheen if you desire. However, continue reading about paint sheen, being equally important.

Ceiling Paint Sheen


Paint sheen is actually paint finish, having it's different types of glow. Flat paint sheen has no reflective properties whatsoever. Eggshell has just a touch, which is very similar to flat. Semi-gloss is just what it implies, having more reflection than eggshell.

What you really want to stay away from is painting ceilings with semi-gloss paint sheens. Reasons I've mentioned, not wanting to bring attention to ceiling, plus another. Have you ever stayed in a motel or hotel on the less expensive side of things?

Getting into a town late, last place is lower end ones? Walk in, looks like they could take a pressure washer to the inside if need be, knowing walls as well as ceilings have either a semi or high gloss on both.

In my honest opinion, putting a higher gloss on both walls & ceilings lessens the aesthetic value right off the bat. So depending on paint sheen, applying both ceiling paint same as wall paint is really your choice.

Ceiling Paint Color


Just a given fact, most ceiling paints are flat white. Flat paint sheen is most common with stock house paint choices with any major paint manufactures today. You can go into any major paint store, having a paint can shook up for you, with it's label description ''Ceiling paint'', all boxed ceiling paint being white flat paint.

Matter of fact, just as there are so many retail paint outlets selling flat ceiling paint, same number of them do not stock anything else than flat paint sheen. Of course as I've mentioned, you can put an eggshell paint sheen on your ceiling.

I guess that would be ceiling paint just for it's description, where it's being used. Calling it anything you want. This lends it's self to another topic all together. Can I use wall paint on ceilings?

Can I Use Wall Paint On Ceilings?


Wanting to paint ceilings with same paint as walls? Of course you can. Common building standards most home builders use is flat ceilings, eggshell or satin wall paint. True especially when colored walls are different than white ceilings.

Giving a nice crisp straight lines where ceilings meet walls in corners. Have to be careful, painting ceilings without getting paint on walls though. There are a few painters tricks doing this, seasoned painters have these inscribed in painting protocols, procedures being second nature.

Making perfect sense, not needing to cut-in wall paint to ceiling if using same exact paint, also sheen. A huge time-saving step not having to cut walls into ceilings. This is a primary reason why most want to paint walls using same exact paint on ceilings, not needing to cut wall paint into corners where it meets ceiling surfaces.


Deciding "If I can use wall paint on a ceiling", depending on severity, some ceilings are greatly improved, no matter what kind of paint you put on it. Highly suggest you put something on it.

Concluding Using Same Ceiling Paint On Walls

Wrapping this up for you, helping decide if you can use same ceiling paint on walls is actually a personal decision. Giving you some ideas with your paint color schemes, using different paint sheens or finishes.

Thought of including time saving if doing this yourself, or saving your pocketbook if hiring this out to a team of professional painters, working with a legendary painting contractor.

Yes, you read that right, ''Legendary". Having over 40 years painting homes, still learning something new about house painting each day. Hiring professional painters, who are top of their painting trade, making what Eco Paint is today.

If you want to find any other painting tips, techniques, news, invite you checking out our paint blog.

Most newer homes built today have same drywall ceiling textures as walls. Making it possible duplicating paint on ceilings to walls. Having same paint will make your next painting job go much quicker, costing less, saving time.

Coincidental, matter of fact, we are painting an interior in Denver, CO. painting walls, using same paint on ceilings. This job is a duplex, working with owner's son. Parents have gone to an assisted living, siblings needed to freshen it up, before putting residence on the market. Yes, an older home, having popcorn ceiling texture.

Eggshell Does Not Bond To Slick Semi-gloss Walls

Walked into this home, seeing semi-gloss walls throughout. Knowing an eggshell finish will not bond properly to a semi-gloss paint sheen, without first priming it with a flat paint.

I suggested we paint all walls and ceilings with a semi-gloss paint sheen, saving family money, not needing to prime all walls first. Painting different paints on walls / ceilings. So, that's exactly what we are doing.

As you can see, everything in entire home is semi-gloss, sprucing it up, looking far better than not painting at all. So besides knowing eggshell paint sheens do not bond properly to semi-gloss, without priming using a flat paint first, using best interior paint brand, you can do anything your heart desires, painting any color you wish.

So, in this particular instance, you can put same ceiling paint on walls, either flat or semi-gloss, since wall already had semi-gloss. Either paint walls with flat ceiling paint, or paint everything with semi-gloss, which we did in this case. Both paints have proper adhesion, bonding properties.

Can I Use Ceiling Paint On Doors


Some may wonder if ceiling paint can be used on doors. It is possible painting doors with ceiling paint, but highly do not recommend it. Two biggest reasons not painting doors with ceiling paint is all about wear.

Ceiling paint is flat, which flat paint is not that cleanable. Hand prints, along with dirt & grim tends to collect on flat paint much easier than other sheens. This was so apparent walking into a home needed paint several years ago.

Every door almost completely black from dirt/grime, having flat paint. Heck they might of had ceiling paint on them. Needed to clean them using Simple Green before repainting using a semi-gloss paint.

Flat ceiling paint has the least number of scrubbing processes, so do not use this on your doors. Ceiling paint will stick to doors, but certainly not look good in a very short time.

Make Sure Doors Have Higher Gloss Paint

Ceiling Paint As Primer?

You bet! Flat ceiling paint can be used as an interior primer. Making it very easy to sand before applying finish coats of higher gloss. Normally interior doors come primed with a white colored primer. However, if they aren't primed when you pick them up, using any flat white paint, including ceiling paint as an interior primer for your doors.

Can I Use Ceiling Paint On Trim


Have extra ceiling paint, wanting to use on trim? Typically ceiling paint is same color as trim, baseboards, also woodwork. However, same reasons listed above for doors with ceiling paint, same goes for trim as well.

Trim Requires Higher Gloss Finish

Trim needs higher gloss paint for clean-ability. Semi-gloss also brings attention to trim, as flat ceiling paint masquerades or camouflage it. Flat ceiling paint not cleanable, being much cheaper than wall paints.

Therefore, do not recommend painting trim with ceiling paint unless you want to use it as a primer, top coating with a semi-gloss.

Ceiling Paint Acts As Primer

In new construction, spraying out ceilings, after puttying nail holes, then sanding, trim is ready for a primer. This is an ideal time to spray out trim, baseboards when painting ceilings.

Still having to sand ceiling paint primer on trim before top coating with your higher gloss finish coats.

Main Ceiling Paint On Walls Take-Away

To sum it up, you can put ceiling paint on walls, doors or trim if you plan top coating with a higher gloss finish. As ceiling paint comes in flat paint sheen finish.

If you want to go cheap, least expensive paint is ceiling paint, generally 15-20% cheaper than other interior paints. You could use ceiling paint in your entire home, but would be humorous, so nasty if anyone living inside in a very short time.

Hope this helps you figuring which way you want to go, putting ceiling paint on walls, or wall paint on ceilings.

If so, please like, share, and/or comment below!

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