Needing Best Paint Finish For Living Room?

Needing Best Paint Finish For Living Room?


Are you needing today's best paint finish for your living room? They include several varieties including flat, eggshell, matte, pearl, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, and high gloss. All finishes provide a specific look and feel for your main living area.

Best idea is what ever paint sheen combination you use in rest of your home, use that same in the living room section.

Having consistent and uniform finishes for all trim, baseboards, walls, & ceilings throughout your home is much more pleasing. So, we will discuss all finishes for living rooms below.


Paint Finishes For Living Rooms Today


Today, many advancements have been made over last 15-20 years. Before that we only had flat & semi-gloss paint sheens. Now, we are at liberty choosing several more for your entire home.

Long ago, we as painters painted humid areas like laundry rooms, bathrooms, & kitchens with semi-gloss. Semi-gloss is more cleanable, but much glossier finish than other portions of your home.


Having the same paint finish walking into your home in the entryway, being able to view other portions including living rooms, hallways, stairways, family rooms all should be a finish that is appropriate and adequate the same for all surfaces in your home.

Photo above is eggshell sheen on walls, semi-gloss on trim & baseboards. Ceilings with flat white.

Let me be clear, all trim should be painted same sheen, having same finish in your entire home. All walls should be painted with the same sheen or finish, as well as all ceilings should have their own same finish.

  • Living room trim should be a higher gloss than your walls, being semi-gloss.
  • Living room walls should have a richer finish than ceilings, lower gloss than trim.
  • Large living room ceilings should be lowest reflective nature, typically being flat.

Another reason living room ceilings should be painted with flat paint is a reflective one. Most living room, entry ceilings have either indirect or recessed lighting.

When lights are on, having the least amount of reflective paint there, so it's not too shinny.

We are now enjoying a greater choice with number of finishes, that can be the same paint sheen in your kitchen, half baths, to your hallways, also in living rooms.

Trim Paint Finishes In Living Room Areas


As a general rule, all trim paint finish or paint sheen should be the same throughout your home, including the living room. Most trim, baseboards, doors, casing, and crown is either painted using semi-gloss, gloss, or high gloss.

This photo above has flat ceiling white, matching white trim in semi-gloss, walls having pearl finish. All 3 paint sheens work well in a home, complementing each other.

This glossier paint finish brings attention to these smoother wood surfaces. Also, a semi-gloss, or high gloss will be much harder once dried. Giving you the ability to clean many times over, with risk paint wiping off, using a sopping wet rag.

Having the same trim paint finish for your entire home is even more important, painting a living room. Having trim painted with a gloss paint finish will enhance, bring forth your woodwork. Outlining wall surfaces to a higher degree.


So, if you plan painting entire living room, including the trim, determine what is in the rest of your home. Matching trim paint finish in other portions of your home, to be as close as possible with your living room trim.

Wall Paint Finish For Living Rooms


Living room wall paint finish should follow trim finishes, being consistent throughout the home. Today, we have the choice of several more sheens than older caulk-board flat.

Most homes painted today are painted with eggshell on walls. Eggshell can be used in most areas of the home, having the same paint finish in your living room, as in bedrooms. Eggshell looks flat, but feels like a semi-gloss, with a smoother finish, than flat.


Eggshell cleans very well, able to use a damp, or wet sponge to remove markings. This is great for also kitchens, laundry rooms, and mud rooms.

Matte & Pearl paint finishes are similar to eggshell, with an interior designer's tool box of choices. Both have a smoother feel than flat, but have less reflection than satin. These two are also cleanable, having a professional paint finish on all your walls, especially in larger rooms like family and living rooms.

Satin paint has a higher gloss than eggshell, less than semi-gloss. If you've used satin paint for all your trim in other portions of your home, use that same paint and sheen in areas of your closet.

Living Room Ceiling Paint Sheen


Most living rooms have larger ceiling surfaces, which flat finish is typically applied. Reason to use flat, matte, pearl, or eggshell instead of gloss is having no reflection on your ceiling.


Majority of all major paint manufactures have a 'box or shelf' ceiling white available. These on the shelf ceiling paints are a flat paint finish. If you want to go a step further, you could use eggshell, matte, or pearl on your ceilings, but not necessary.

However, you'd be spending more, as flat ceiling white paints cost less. Ideally, living rooms are good using flat paint finishes. Not having to worry about any glare on larger living room ceilings.

Preferred Living Room Paint Suppliers;

In Summary

All finishes provide a specific look and feel for your main area, the living room. Key thing to remember, is keeping same sheen throughout entire home for trim, walls, & ceilings. If you use satin or semi-gloss for trim, use that same sheen on all trim in your living room. All window trim, fire place mantels, shelving, even in closets, etc.

Same goes for wall paint. If you use eggshell, matte, or pearl on high walls in your living room, use that same sheen, but can be a different color in other rooms throughout your home.

same_ceiling_ finish

That same rule of thumb goes for ceilings as well. Using flat for large living room ceilings, try using that same finish in most other portions of your home.

I know, you might be asking, "What about flat paint in bathrooms, laundry rooms"? Well, if your laundry room or bathroom is large enough, especially with a window, having proper ventilation, you can use today's superior flat paint in those areas too. Keeping same ceiling finish universal for all your ceilings.

The living room is typically the largest room in your home. A place where most gather, relaxing, and conversing. Having proper paint finishes for all trim, doors, walls, and ceilings in your living room will be much nicer, when moving to other parts of your home.

These same living room paint finishes are consistent through entire US. In Denver, CO. Kansas City, MO. Dallas, TX. Chicago, IL. San Fransisco, CA. Miami, FL. Newark, NJ., or Nashville, TN. This is your cookbook for living room finishes, anywhere you go.

If you are new to Denver, CO. or needing to update a home here you plan to reside, needing professional painters, look no further. Contact Eco Paint, Inc. Today! You'll be glad you did.

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