Do You Paint Walls Or Woodwork Trim First?

Do You Paint Walls Or Woodwork Trim First?

Do_You_Paint_Walls_Or_Woodwork_Trim_FirstGetting ready to paint your interior, but wondering which to paint first, woodwork or walls? Wishing I could give you a straight up yes or no answer, but you'll need to keep reading this article to see where you're baseboards, trim, & woodwork fits in order when painting a room.

Having painted countless interiors, our painters just completed another interior today matter of fact, painting all the woodwork & walls with two ceilings of dire need, all this went very smoothly, without a hitch, painting in the correct order.

Painting a complete interior walls with woodwork, which includes door casings, baseboards, skirting boards, handrails, spindles, beams, ornaments, cabinets & cupboards is a monumental task for those not painting on a regular basis.

Paint Walls First, Or Paint Woodwork First?


Paint walls first, or determining to paint woodwork first, you have to ask yourself a few questions. But before I get to this answer, I'm sure you have decided which paint colors you need, have all the best painting tools at your disposal, have prepped the walls and woodwork before now.

A complete line of paint & supplies can be found at most major paint suppliers such as Sherwin-Williams®, Benjamin Moore®, Valspar®, Glidden®, and BEHR®. These places are another good source of information and products.

The reason I'm asking all these questions, is actually to remind or point very important topics that need to be addressed beforehand. Once all those questions you've answered to yourself, and it's time to paint, I have a few more inquiries. Didn't think it was going to be that easy did you?

Well, actually painting the interior is another thing, but proper planning is another, which will make the workflow go seamlessly as possible, but of course it's all labor intensive, and hard work nevertheless.

Correct Order To Paint A Room

Finding the correct order to paint a room, several key points will need to be addressed. Leaving out ceilings is another topic all together. Knowing you do not want to get paint on the walls, when painting ceilings.

The order to paint a room is unique to you're specifics, paint needs, and desires. Having to ask yourself the questions listed below. This will help guide you to the correct order a room is to be painted, helping you having the cleanest, straightest lines possible.

Do I Paint The Walls Or Baseboard Trim First?

  • Using Brush Roller, Keeping Flooring

If painting both walls with baseboards using a brush roller method, and you are keeping carpet flooring intact, it's best to paint woodwork and baseboards first. Reason for this is you will mask the carpet all the way up to the edge, where carpet meets the baseboard, using painters tape securely into the crevice between.

Once paint has dried on the trim, knowing you already have the floor covered, all you need to do is run an 1 1/2" painters tape on the trim to paint walls. Painters tape makes for a clean crisp straight professional edge, caulking before painting. Caulking seals the tape edge, therefore not allowing paint to migrate under edge of tape.

It's Ok to paint a tad above woodwork and trim, cause you will be sure to cover all the trim on second coat, followed by masking, straightening up the edges with your tape.

  • Using A Paint Sprayer, Keeping Flooring

Now lets say you are using a sprayer for interior, painting walls, woodwork and trim, as well as keeping the flooring. Using similar light to medium based paint colors, you'll want to spray out all the trim and woodwork first. Reason for this is it's much easier to tape on solid wood surfaces rather than textured walls.

Then masking the woodwork, followed by taping is much easier, but still labor intensive. You will have one professional paint job though, once you are finished.

  • Using A Brush Roller, Replacing Flooring

This is when painting gets fun replacing flooring & painting walls & trim. You can either rip out all the carpet first, (recommended) or leave it in place. However you will not need to mask the carpet flooring. We paint trim, doors, and all the woodwork first! Remembering to do all the caulking before painting btw!

Several reasons for this process is again, the wood is much easier to tape than textured walls. Also you do not have to mask the carpeted floor, but you do for wood, tiled, and linoleum floors staying put. Doing this way also allows a fine straight line at the top of baseboards, skirting boards and the like when masking them, and again, caulking beforehand.

  • Using A Paint Sprayer, Keeping Flooring

Would still paint trim & woodwork first, if using a paint spray method, and you're keeping carpeted flooring intact. Still having to mask the carpet all the way down into the crack between carpet and baseboards, covering all carpet exposed. Remembering to caulk before you spray! Having all the woodwork professionally finished, you can then mask it, to spray out the walls.

There you have it! Laying out all the information I can best briefly relay, helping you with your next interior painting project. All these suggestions are on general terms, you specific order painting a room may be different.

An alternative to these questions painting woodwork or walls first is contacting a local painting contractor in your local area. Finding them either by getting names and numbers from local paint stores, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, or a search on the net.

Do I Install Flooring, Or Paint First?

When considering new flooring with a fresh coat of paint, it really depends what type of new flooring being installed, along with if your woodwork is stained, or painted.

This brings up the possibility if your old baseboards are being removed and replaced by the flooring company.


If you are in need of painters and paint contractor services for your next painting job in Denver, look to the professional house painters & Eco Paint for assistance.

Thank you for your visit, welcoming any comments below.
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