Advantages Using Best Paint for Front Doors

Advantages Using Best Paint for Front Doors

Advantages Using Best Paint for Front Doors

Incorporating best paints for front doors offers many advantages, besides the door itself. Paint will be very cleanable, with it's sheen most durable. Top shelf paints are more fade resistant in a satin or semi-gloss finish.

Many front doors get a lot of sun. Using a paint that looks most inviting the longest, is key.

Using a high quality paint for your front door will be the first thing most see. Utilizing a top notched paint will last the longest, holding it's original paint sheen. Making sure painting outside of your front door, you use exterior paint, not interior paint, and visa-versa for the interior side.

Keep in mind what your front door represents. Either a grand arrival, or subdued entry, each front door is a character of your actual taste. So having bright, or earth-toned colors is quite alright. Utilizing a color, one or two steps darker, in the same color swatch, or one that matches rest of your accent color is ideal.

No matter what color you choose, each paint brand has it's own top-shelf, premium paints, some lasting a life-time.

Best Paint For Front Door Satin Or Semi-gloss?


Just as each paint company has it's premiere exterior paints for doors also, they can all be mixed in either satin or semi-gloss. However, semi-gloss is actually an interior paint sheen term. We'll go into that further, why satin finish is best for front doors.

Satin and semi-gloss are similar paint sheens, and can be used on the same front door. Typically, satin is most common outside, being an exterior paint sheen, whereas semi-gloss is an interior paint sheen, using inside.

The front door sheen is an important feature when choosing a color. This is where most see when arriving at your home. All front doors have the attention of being a front door, whether it's flashy, or neutral. Your invitation to enter your home, most want to put their best foot forward, giving a good first impression.

This is an area where many decorations are positioned, during different holidays throughout the year. So choose this finish accordingly, to your particular tastes and personalities. Having a good quality paint on the main focal point of a home, is a must.

Careful, not using interior paint outside, or visa-versa. Interior paints are not designed to be used outside, as they will not hold up. Exterior paints used inside on front doors generally have higher volatile odor compounds (V.O.C's), stinking up the inside of your entryway much longer.


You'd be safer using satin exterior paint sheen on the outside, as an interior semi-gloss, matching your trim inside. Keeping consistent paint sheens inside and out, is a hallmark of a professional paint design.

Do not worry between satin or semi-gloss outside because your door gets a lot of sun.

Reason for this is 2 fold. One being both are very similar anyway. Secondly, semi-gloss is a paint sheen generally thought of as being an interior paint finish. 95% of all front doors are painted with satin, being a go-to paint sheen.

You want to make sure using exterior paint, painting outside of your front door, not interior paint, and visa-versa for the interior side.

Important to mention, most front doors have exterior lighting. If any lights are directed to the door surface itself, a higher gloss finish could be too shinny for you, so good to keep this in mind before buying the best paint for your front door.


Today, most major paint brands have improved their exterior front door paints to be much better, as in fade resistant. Current paint's sheen lasts much longer than years ago. I would venture that you'd probably repaint your front door to a new color, just because you wanted to, than because it has faded out, looking drab or worn out.

Both paint sheens, satin or semi-gloss can be purchased in either interior or exterior applications. So, having a high quality paint in either satin exterior, or semi-gloss interior is your best choice. This is true, even painting metal front doors, which leads us to next topic.

Later, we will give you our recommendation of exact paint brands best for front doors.

Best Metal Front Door Paint


Best paint for metal front doors today is an emulsion 100% Acrylic latex water-borne paint. Whether you are painting inside or out, using appropriate interior or exterior paint in your desired paint sheen is best.

Careful painting metal front doors though. Making sure your ambient temperature is 40 degrees or higher, plus surface temp about the same. If painting in colder climates, you can always open the door to the inside painting, or just remove it completely. If too cold, exterior paint on metal front doors will not cure in time, causing sagging, running, and dripping.

Even the best paints designed for metal front doors for both interior as well as exterior needs proper temperatures. These paints generally dry within one hour to touch. In cooler temps as they tend to dry within 15 minutes longer.

This opens up the next topic how to paint a front door without removing it, as I know you'd much rather paint it hanging on it's hinges.

How To Paint Front Door Without Removing It


Wondering if you need to remove front door first, is a very common question. The quick answer is no, you do not need to remove it before you start painting. But you'll need to follow a few different steps, without leaving brush marks.

A couple quick tips painting a door without removing off it's hinges are;

  • Place drop cloth down under door before painting
  • Either remove doorknobs, peep-holes, door knockers, or carefully mask
  • Mask all hinges, carefully cutting edge of tape, so all portions of door is painted, no paint on hinges.
  • If spraying, mask edge of door with plastic to door jamb, with door open approximately one foot
  • If brushing and rolling, work from the top down. Brush any curvatures in the door first, followed by rolling flat areas, as in a raised 6 panel design


Following these steps will allow you to professionally paint your front door without removing it first.

Place underneath door with a good canvas drop-cloth, or plastic sheathing. This will contain any drips or splatters.

Remove or mask all hardware you do not want any paint on. Carefully using tape edge, and if overlapping, use a very sharp razor knife cutting excess tape away, for straight crisp lines.

How To Paint Front Door Without Brush Marks

When brushing and/or rolling, work from the top down. This will keep any drips from forming. Use a high quality China bristle brush, as Purdy™, or Wooster Brush™ provides. These quality brushes will limit any brush marks right from the get-go. Having a smooth finish is ideal.

Brush any architectural moldings first. Followed by a fine finish roller will leave your front door looking like a factory finish.

A tip many painters use when wanting a very smooth finish, is wetting brushes and rollers first. This helps lay paint on more evenly, also making tools much easier to clean afterwards.


Remember never having to lay on initial coat very thick. It's far better brushing and rolling out a door with the thinnest coat. Allowing it to dry, followed by another coat. This is typically biggest mistake novice painters make, and neither should you.

Best Exterior Front Door Colors

Best exterior front door colors generally are an accent color that compliments other colors outside. Have recently seen front doors mostly painted either black or red. These same black and red colors also match shutters, and any ornaments attached outside, being an accent color.

Other colors for front doors can be 1 or 2 shades off from main siding color, being darker, which generally goes well, if you are having a hard time deciding. But really, the only perfect front door color is one that pleases you the best.


Wanting a color on the front door, that is inviting, being the first thing you see driving up to your house. A color that compliments the other paint colors, being very pleasing for any of those walking up to your door, being neighbors, family, deliveries, or friends.

Front doors is the first thing you see, closets being the last. Every home has several door entry ways. Front doors is the only place you can be creative with a totally different color, whereas, interior, all doors inside should be of the same color and sheen.


Here are some common front door paint colors which are very popular, by some of the most favored paint brands. Just click on the company name below;

  1. Sherwin-Williams™ Exterior homes/front door paint
  2.  Lowe's™ Doors exterior paint
  3.  Benjamin Moore™ Front entrance ideas & inspiration
  4.  BEHR™ Ask a color expert front door accent
  5.  Pittsburgh Paints™ How to make your front door stand out
  6.  Glidden™ Unexpected door colors


But again, every home is different. Different roof colors, different vegetation, different brick or stone colors can give a different hue to the same color.

Each major paint manufacture listed above, has their most popular, highest rated paints in Whites, Blacks, and Pastels they've been providing many years. Each color has it's own characteristics, having a slightest different hue and tone than another.

Great to know, all these colors available come in the highest quality life-time paint formulation made, when painting front doors.

Remember only painting front door an accent color, you'll want to make this one a tad different, including the sheen, for an exceptional invitation.

Summarizing Best Paint For Front Doors


As you can see, many other advantages utilizing best paints for front doors. Not only easier to clean, but keeps it's sheen much longer. Having hardest finishes, either satin or gloss, both are very durable, also fade resistant.

Newer front door paints are designed for intense sun, as many front doors attain. Even the best paints with life-time warranties can be mixed in just about any color the paint store has in their paint color selection.

Choosing a front door paint is what most others see, so putting on the very best paint, is your first impression that can be made to you, family, friends, also neighbors.

Consider a front door paint that goes well with other colors on the exterior. Those include decorations, roof shingle colors, siding, brick, and stone.

If you are in the Denver Colorado area, needing your front door painted, along with the rest of your home, look no further than the pro teams of Denver painters taking care of all your painting needs with Eco Paint, Inc.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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