What Color To Paint Closet Doors

What Color To Paint Closet Doors


Deciding on which color to paint closet doors? Looking for closet door paint color ideas? Wondering if you should paint closet doors to match walls? Well, bingo. Giving you some standard painting rules to follow, for all doors, trim, inside your home.

Great news! Choosing what color, painting closet doors is much easier than you first thought. Simply put, whatever trim color on baseboards, bedroom doors, and rest of trim, same color should be used on closet doors inside that particular room.


Going a step further, any color you decide to use, all trim should be the same color. This includes pantry, laundry, mudroom doors, baseboards, casings, crown, shelving, wainscoting, and fireplace mantels, all with the same paint finish also color.

As there are many possibilities, we'll be going over the most common closet door paint colors used throughout homes. Your home will glisten with those freshly painted closet doors once again.

What Color To Paint Interior Doors And Trim


Lightest colors in any color spectrum, doors also trim are usually painted. Again, using the same paint for both. This way, your color scheme is not too busy, making it more pleasing to the eye.

You are safe following this standard paint scheme. When mixing trim colors from one room to another, or multiple trim colors in same room, both can take away the uniformity, and just not normally done.


With painted closet doors, best to sample paint colors on doors and/or trim when deciding which color to use. That way you can make sure that particular color, also sheen is exactly what you want.

Before buying larger amounts of it. Because let's face it. Paint is not cheap, and once you have it shook up, it's yours.

Paint colors are important in any area of your home, including doors and trim. Choosing one you'll be most happy with over the longest time period is key.

Closet Door Painting Ideas


Several reasons to get correct paint color for doors and trim.

  • Trim & doors painted less frequently with whiter toned colors
  • Painting trim & closet doors takes more time
  • Trim & doors are highlighted surfaces, using lighter paint tones
  • Lighter hews for trim & all doors look the sharpest
  • Darker colors on doors even make room look smaller

First thought, trim doesn't have to be painted nearly as often as walls, also ceilings.

Second, painting trim is time consuming, more costly having it done professionally.

Third idea, closet doors are an integral part of your home. Showcasing that additional room inside, using a lighter color to paint all doors and trim.

Finally, doors and trim is a large portion of your interior, having a color that enhances this woodwork will make these areas shine. So having one the brightest, will look the cleanest.

Rules For Painting Interior Doors


  • Pick a finish which is very washable
  • Use same trim color throughout entire home for all doors, shelving, & woodwork
  • All paintable doors need primer before final finish paint coat
  • Interior doors can be sprayed, brushed, and/or rolled
  • Once you start painting one side of door, complete it
  • Start painting doors, working from top down
  • Doors normally  painting with higher, glossier sheen than walls

Painting rules are simple when painting interior doors. Choosing right finish which will withstand lots of hand-prints, cleanings, and traffic. Picking one that is higher gloss than your walls is widely used today.

Second rule to keep in mind, using same paint color, also finish throughout your entire home, for all trim, including all interior doors. Same paint color for bedroom doors, the same paint color and finish for the adjacent closet doors inside the room.


Does not matter if your closet doors are bi-fold, single paneled, hollow core, or solid,  french doors. All paintable doors matching rest of your trim inside is a very important rule. Most pre-hung doors with its casement and door casing comes pre-primed. If yours does not, best to prime all bare wood, before painting final coat.

Doors can be sprayed, brushed, and/or rolled. Depending upon the texture, smoothness, your local paint supplier, and/or contractor can lead you in the right direction, how paint should be applied.

Another important rule painting doors is once you start painting a side, complete it. Do not stop half-way painting one particular side. Reason not stopping, is more chances of flashing.


Another reason to paint doors same as trim is when opened, different door color would not be same as door casing. Plus if your different door color and casing is different than baseboards, it would look too cut up, not looking right.

If painting by hand brush & roll, let one side dry before flipping over painting the other side, if painting horizontally. When painting doors vertically, still on hinges, paint doors from top down. This lets gravity work for you, for a professionally painted interior door.


Wrapping this section up, use a higher quality glossier paint than your walls. Most doors today are painted with semi-gloss, water-borne latex. Not too glossy, but shinier than eggshell or satin, seems to work best.

Closet Paint Finishes

When painting closets, you may want to give it a different finish than you ordinarily paint walls and ceilings in other portions of your home. Many choose to paint closets, using same color and sheen as the wood trim, baseboards, doors, and it's casing.

Couple reasons to paint closets with same finish as rest of trim in the home. First, most trim is white, or off white. Lighter the color, the easier to see inside smaller areas, like closets, pantries, entry and coat closets.

Best Colors To Paint Closet Doors


We are going to list every major paint brand's top, most popular colors, painting closet doors. Each paint manufacture has their favorite colors they sell the most. So of course it's their favorite, right? Each closet door paint color listed below, 100's of 1000's of doors are painted each year using these exact colors.

Each person has their own personal tastes, so using one of these closet door color ideas will work great throughout your home on all portions of trim, painting same color. including interior closet doors.


What color to paint closet doors depend what you want all trim in your home, as they should be the same. Doors should be different than walls, slightly to more distinct contrasting color combinations.

Will say, painting both walls and doors in same color ledger or family, the more enjoyable it'll be for you the longest. Darker colors gives eyes the appearance of room looking smaller. So, if your room is on the smaller scale, best using lighter toned colors for both walls & doors.

Best Closet Door Paint Brands

Here is a short list of top colors for all paintable closet doors;


Recall to choose a finish that offers many scrubbings, and washable. Picking a color you are happy with having throughout your entire home's trim, for all doors, shelving, and baseboards.

A home's closet doors gets handled the most, so choosing a lighter, white, or neutral color will offer less painting years to come.

Making sure your doors are that of a glossier finish than walls, and ceilings. This brings out more attention to these harder surfaces.

Darker closet door colors tends to make the room look much smaller than it really is.

And finally, when painting closet doors, they can be sprayed, brushed, and/or rolled, using a fine spray, or quality a brush/roller. When painting anything inside your home, allow proper drying time, for paint to cure properly. Normally, this takes only 30 minutes to dry to touch, 24 hours to cure to a hard cleanable finish.

Hope this helps painting your closet doors. If so, we'd like to hear from you. Living in Colorado, needing a professional painting your interior? Contact our team of Denver painters today, at Eco Paint, Inc. Our residential and commercial professional painters have years of experience painting closet doors just like yours.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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