Best Eco Paint Brands For A Greener Tomorrow

Best Eco Paint Brands For A Greener Tomorrow


Providing you with best Eco friendly paint brands for not only your benefit, but everyone else inside your home. Using a non-toxic, higher quality, Zero-VOC paint type, is just the answer, for a Greener tomorrow.

Go Green with today's digital technologies in paint formulations, for a more natural, safer paint. Most house paints produced are much friendlier, keeping air qualities at their purest. Having far less volatile odor compounds (VOC), than years ago. Friendly to those who use these products, not only cleans up with water, but not needing harmful solvents.

If you haven't painted in the last fifteen years, you are in for a nice surprise, paint shopping. Going into any major paint store today, purchasing paint, you'll find various Zero VOC interior paint types.

Even those not labeled Zero, are still much lower, much more friendlier than years past, many also having the Green Seal®. Listing all the top Eco Paint brands we use on a regular basis below, and so should you.


Best interior paints available for you today are not only Green Earth Friendly, but of a higher quality, and better coverage to boot. Being a paint contractor, painting homes well over 40 years, when the first Green Earth Friendly paints became available in 1999, I was skeptical also.

Even though our corporate name included the term Eco Paint way before there was ever a Green Earth Friendly paint available on a retail shelf, our name had dual meanings.

Acronym being that as economical, as well as ecological. Early 90's, this term was quickly changing from economical to ecological and environmental.


Sherwin-Williams™ introduced Harmony® in 1999, a Green Earth Friendly, Low VOC Eco Paint. Being first as an Eco Friendly Paint, I thought it was just a fad.

It wasn't long before everyone was jumping on board the bandwagon with the term 'Eco', and term was quickly changing from economical, to ecological. Having a company name way ahead of it's time, we've been promoting the very best non-toxic, friendlier wall paints ever since.

Listing below why you should use them, who benefits, and listing most popular brands which you'll be in very good hands, having these paints inside any home.

What Eco Friendly Paint Brand Should I Use?


  • Choose brand most familiar
  • Get to know paint store's staff
  • Expert field support with major paint brands
  • Use a brand of paint convenient to your home

Before getting into exact specifics with what type of Eco Paint you should use, is determining which brand of paint you should go with. Putting this out front, there is no inferior paint sold today with any major paint manufacture.

Being clear, every major paint brand or paint company makes a tremendous amount of research & development (R&D) today, it's almost mind boggling. They all spend millions each year with their own paint formulations, but share with each other their findings. Not like a secret recipe like Coke-Cola™.

With our digital advancements today, each paint brand can match each other's paint colors exactly. So recommending to you, chose a paint brand which is most convenient to you.

This is why BEHR™ and Valspar™ is so popular, being sold at every Home Depot™ or Lowe's™. I'm sure there's one close by. Being close to you, your able to run and get more paint supplies in a flash, if needed.

Be careful with box stores though, in that paint staff tends to rotate quite frequently. Consequently paint knowledge seems to be lacking. This is extremely important if you are a newbie, painting your home yourself.

But if you one who doesn't necessarily like a box store if you can help it, or like going to those expert stores who really know their business, I'd suggest Sherwin-Williams™, Benjamin Moore™, or PPG™.


Chances are you have one of these paint stores near you. Just read where Sherwin-Williams™ is making a point to have a Green Earth Friendly paints within 10 minutes to you, anywhere where you live.

These self standing paint brand stores have much more to offer than just buying the paint itself. They all include an informed staff, field representatives answering any questions you may have. Field support is like insurance, but not costing anymore than paint from a box store.

I tend to surround myself with experts too! Even though house painting is our passion, having extensive experience, still learn something new every day. Aligning yourself with experts, even painting contractors like myself tend to shop at expert stores, with very knowledgeable paint staff.

Must say, we are partial to Sherwin-Williams™ not only for reasons listed above, but have never had a problem using any of their products. Plus using a superior paint brand makes our final paint job look that much better.

When painting a home, interior or exterior, you'll be visiting same store several times throughout entire job. Getting to know staff is key. You need to surround yourself with those much more knowledgeable than you.

Those same outlaying stores teach staff almost to a college degree. Tapping into their knowledge, getting first-hand info. can either make or break your job.

So, wrapping this up, I would choose a brand your most familiar with, comfortable with the stores staff, and convenient to your exact location, as they all have premier Green Earth Friendly, Zero VOC Eco Paints.

What are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) are chemicals that, along with oxides of nitrogen and sunlight, create ground level ozone, a major component of smog. Certain VOCs are also harmful when inhaled and may pose indoor air quality concerns.

Why Should I Use An Eco Paint Brand?


Gonna give you a list of reasons why you should use an Eco Paint brand. But before I do, must ask you a question.

Do you need to paint?

I would think so, reading this. And since you're reading this, needing to paint, why not use something that is better for everyone inside your home?

Obtaining if not same results, even better coverage, more vivid color retention, and no paint smells. If you can find any product, at same price point, why wouldn't you want to use it?

Today's Eco Paints have same price points as other paints with higher VOC's. This is probably why just about every public place, hospitals, county, state, and federal buildings use a Greener Earth Friendly Eco Paint brand today.

Biggest reason public places use a Greener paint today, is not wanting anyone who might have allergies, sneezing, coughing just because of fresh paint.



Concluding, summarizing why you should use Eco Paint brands is as follows;

  • Using anything better for inhabitants inside the home
  • Better coverage, more color retention
  • Same price points as other paints having higher VOC's
  • Used in public places, such as hospitals, libraries, schools, state, and federal buildings
  • Buying new home, personalizing colors to your exact tastes
  • Selling a home, insuring new owners will not have concerns of air quality
  • Keeping air quality at it's purest, with all Eco Paint brands
  • Expected mothers-to-be enjoy no paint smells
  • Newborns, to toddlers not suffering from any allergic reactions from Zero VOC paints
  • Any adults having allergies, limiting coughing, sneezing from lower VOC, Eco Paint Brands
  • Seniors now enjoy having homes painted without worrying about new fresh paint smells
  • Even pets will benefit with a better air quality
  • Utilizing a safer, less or non-toxic paint, made from the Earth, being more sustainable
  • Your contribution for a Greener tomorrow!

What does Zero Emissions mean?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has determined that an emission-free or zero emissions (or VOC) paint claim can be substantiated by, among other things, evidence demonstrating the paint has trace levels of emissions six hours or less after application (and thereafter), and contains no substance that could cause material harm to the health of the average adult under normal anticipated use. Natura® paint meets this standard.

Utilizing what the pros use in public places, why not use the same in your home? Many realtors request any homes painted in hopes of selling request an Eco Paint Zero VOC brand or type. This will not impede any person, who might consider buying your freshly painted home.


If just buying a home, wanting to personalize interior colors to your exact likes and tastes, is this just for you, or do you have a wife, husband, infants, or children? Can't tell you how many homes we've painted where the wife is expecting.

Years before, when a woman was expecting, we either had to wait until child was delivered or paint during first trimester of pregnancy. Not anymore, with today's Eco Paint brands.

Or is this a home you've lived in last 30 years? Seniors wishing to freshen up their homes who may have breathing concerns, not affected either! Have painted thousands of these instances, and where Seniors were euphoric, keeping air quality at it's purest.

All of this was not even possible 20+ years ago, as before you'd know when a room was painted with that new fresh paint smell.

Just knowing you'd be contributing to the New Green Movement, buying a more sustainable paint, having to buy paint anyway is a very smart move. No, you won't get any government kickbacks like solar, or wind generators, but since these paints cost the same, being better for our environment, so you might as well use them.

Utilizing items and products having an environmentally friendly nature as much as you can, will indeed help making a Greener tomorrow. From recycling your paper & plastics, to using Bamboo flooring, or clay roofing tiles, when the time presents itself.

Moving forward, using a Green Eco Friendly sustainable paint inside your home benefits everyone inside.

What Is Eco Paint Anyway?


Defining what Eco Paint means is utilizing Green Earth Friendly safer paints today. Meaning having it's lowest volatile odor content or compounds (V.O.C) within it's non-toxic formulation. A safer latex emulsion 100% acrylic house paint, available with most major paint brands now.

Eco acronym stands for ecological, products derived from the earth. Many items made today are Eco Friendly, including a huge choice of non-toxic wall paints. Today, most major paint stores offer a complete line of Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints.

What does “trace levels of emissions” mean?

"Trace” level of emission means a VOC has not been intentionally added to the covered product; Emission of the covered product does not cause material harm that consumers typically associate with emission, including harm to the environment or human health; and Emission of the covered product does not result in more than harmless concentrations of any compound higher than would be found under normal conditions in the typical residential home without interior architectural coating.

Now For The List Of Best Eco Paint Brands You Should Consider


Below are the top brands of non-toxic, Zero VOC Eco paints sold across the nation. Having used the majority of these products. All cover nicely, have a great hide, mildew resistant, and low odor, making for an easy cleanup.

  • BEHR™ Premium Plus Zero VOC Approx. $30/gallon
  • Valspar® Simplicity™ Zero VOC* Paint + Primer Approx. $30/gallon
  • EcoSelect Zero VOC Interior Latex Approx. Price | $30/gallon
  • ProMar 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Approx. Price | $35/gallon
  • Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex Approx. Price | $60/gallon
  • Regal Select Interior Paint- Eggshell Approx. Price | $45/gallon
  • Natura Interior Paint- Eggshell Approx. Price | $60/gallon
  • Aura Interior Paint- Satin Approx. Price | $60/gallon
  • SPEEDHIDE® Approx. Price | $45/gallon
  • ECOS Paints Approx. Price | $65/gallon + Shipping
  • Clare Paint Approx. Price | $39/gallon + Shipping
  • The Real Milk Paint Co Approx. Price | $60/gallon + Shipping
  • BioShield Approx. Price | $48/gallon + Shipping




BEHR Premium Plus Self-Priming Zero VOC Interior Paint seals uncoated and previously painted surfaces without the need for a separate primer, helping professionals hide surface imperfections and providing excellent coverage. The mildew-resistant finish incorporates a low-odor, zero-VOC formula that is 100-percent acrylic and produces faster dry times than previous low-VOC formulas on the market.

Approx. Price | $30/gallon

Santa Ana, California

Behr Paints transforms the consumer painting experience by introducing the next generation of Premium Plus® Interior Paint. Providing an innovative solution for homeowners who have long dreamed of a high-quality paint with priming properties at a great value, BEHR Premium Plus® Self-Priming, Zero VOC* and Low Odor Interior Paint delivers exceptional durability and hide and now seals previously painted and uncoated surfaces such as drywall, wallboard and wood without the use of a separate primer. In addition, the low odor formula allows the paint smell to dissipate faster, making it the ideal product to use in family spaces.


Valspar® Simplicity™

Approx. Price | $30/gallon

is a Zero VOC* Paint + Primer designed to provide great hide and coverage, and durability.

Smooth finish —withstands scuffs, marks and wear
Excellent scrub resistance;
Smooth coverage and excellent hide
Greenguard Gold certified for ultra-low emissions
Comes with our Love Your Color Guarantee®



EcoSelect Zero VOC Interior Latex

Approx. Price | $30/gallon

EcoSelect Interior Latex Paint is an affordable option when budgets are tight and a zero VOC coating is preferred or required. Ecoselect has good spatter resistance and is great for use on walls and ceilings of wallboard, primed plaster, wood, and masonry.

*This product contains agents which inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of this paint film.


ProMar 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex

Approx. Price | $35/gallon

Professional painters have it all with ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Paint. A complete professional line that not only has zero VOCs, but is also available in six sheens and every color. All while delivering maximum productivity with exceptional durability and touch up. And now, the flat sheen has improved hide and durability, and meets MPI certification.


Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex

Approx. Price | $60/gallon

Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex paint is a zero VOC formula that helps reduce common indoor odors from your pets, cooking and smoke to help rooms stay fresher, longer. Harmony contains new technology that helps improve indoor air quality by reducing VOC levels from potential sources like carpet, cabinets and fabrics. It also gives your walls a washable, durable finish. This acrylic paint is GreenGuard® Indoor Air Quality Certified and GreenGuard® Certified for Children and Schools.*The length of time Harmony actively reduces odors and formaldehyde depends on the concentration, the frequency of exposure and the amount of painted surface area. *This product contains agents which inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of this paint film.

Benjamin Moore™


Regal Select Interior Paint- Eggshell

Approx. Price | $45/gallon

Stain release technology that is easy to clean with less scrubbing
Excellent hide and coverage for a uniform finish
Applies easily and smoothly
Paint and primer together
Mildew resistant
A versatile and durable finish
Zero VOC, low odor
Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology

Natura Interior Paint- Eggshell

Approx. Price | $60/gallon

CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®

Zero VOC

Zero Emissions

Quick return to service
100% Acrylic
Provides a durable, washable film
Available in thousands of colors
One hour recoat for quick return to service
Self-priming on most surfaces
Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology


Natura®—CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®

We created a paint that is scientifically proven to have reduced levels of allergens and irritants. The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program independently tests and identifies consumer products that are more suitable for those living with asthma and allergies. Natura has earned the Certification Mark by achieving the Program's strict criteria for VOC emissions, odor and performance.



Aura Interior Paint- Satin

Approx. Price | $60/gallon

Proprietary Color Lock® technology for richer colors that stay true over time

Rich, thick paint that provides a beautiful finish

Outstanding durability

Stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off

Extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats

Mildew resistant




Approx. Price | $45/gallon

Pro-EV Zero Interior Latex is a durable, quality interior vinyl acrylic paint designed for new and repaint applications where speed of application is most important in both the commercial and multi-family markets. This zero VOC**, low odor paint enables a space to be painted while occupied, delivering the durable product performance required. SPEEDHIDE® Pro-EV Zero Interior Latex paint has good adhesion, touch-up and application properties on walls, ceilings and trim surfaces. Features: Zero VOC* Good Hiding & Coverage Excellent Uniformity

ECOS Paints

Purchasing the perfect paint for you and your family can be difficult, especially if there’s a chemical sensitivity involved. While some paints claim to be natural, healthy, or zero-VOC, a lack of ingredient labels and hazy regulations are enough to make you think twice. At ECOS, each of our environmentally responsible and engineered paints, including ECOS organic paints, include the VOC test results and a complete list of ingredients so you can see exactly what you’re purchasing—non-toxic, zero-VOC paint with incredible coverage and durability.

ECOS organic paints are free of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides for the health of your family and the environment. With non-toxic ingredients and no traditional paint and polyurethane odors, our award-winning odorless paints allow you to tackle your project without having to quarantine the room or the furniture due to fumes. Our environmentally responsible and engineered paints are available in several varieties for numerous uses including atmosphere purifying paint, MCS friendly paint, Zero VOC paint, Pet-friendly paint, and passivating paint - just to name a few. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our selection of odorless paints.

Clare Paint

We make paint shopping easier than ever with designer-curated colors, mess-free peel and stick paint swatches, and Zero VOC interior paint delivered to your door.

Price | $39/gallon. Availability | Online. Best For | Trim paints. Clare Paint is dedicated to bringing designer…

The Real Milk Paint Co

56 colors of environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, paint that’s versatile and easy to use. Made from 100% organic material, it’s safe for kids and pets alike. Easily create a smooth finish or an antiqued look.

Price | $60/gallon. Availability | Online, find a retailer. Best For | Child-safe furniture paint. Milk paint is made…
Eco-Friendly Paint - BioShield


Price | $48/gallon. Availability | Online, find a retailer. Best For | Clay paints. BioShield is an eco-friendly paint…

Incorporating the best Eco friendly paint brands into you next paint purchases is not only smart, but safest to all living things inside your home. Supporting a cause, using more sustainable products made from the earth, today's paint brands offer just that.

Applying these same Zero VOC paints inside, preserving air qualities, as everyone benefits, including your pets. No harmful gases, or chemicals, making them odorless, friendlier to our environment.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing our top choices of different Eco friendlier paints, giving you a clear roadmap on your next purchase, for a Greener tomorrow. Either way, please like, share, comment, and/or ping below.

Go Green!

If in the Denver, CO. area, needing professional painters handling this for you, by all means give us a call. Happy to hear from you.

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