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A one-stop resource for professional painters, along with tips & tricks, making your final painting project, one you can be very proud. Putting together a litany of information, referencing  advice related to painters, painting interiors as well as exteriors.

Giving painting tips of correct right knowledge, first hand experience, suave, correct order of procedures, tools, & equipment, will make every house painting job go as smoothly as the paint being applied. Below is in one list to reference for pro painters in our industry.

Painter's Professional Resource

There is a commonality of house painting processes today. Our industry keeps improving, making new leaps with most of everything it encompasses. Referencing reputable painters who use same type of tools, sundries, equipment, but not necessarily same brands or manufactures.

If you're new to the industry, or thinking about getting into it, there are a few suggestions which will improve your trade.

Being in the painting industry, having seen tons of things over the years, always improving the end result. Starting way back in 1977, the year after lead paint was all officially off the shelves, nation-wide, to a vast array of oil based enamels which essentially replaced lead paints.

By early 90's, the outcry for a medium sheen requested, something between flat or semi-gloss was delivered to the public, being eggshell. Another public outcry starting in Florida, wanting a paint product designed specifically protecting Stucco and Efis. Again, Sherwin-Williams came to the calling, with the first Elastomeric paint, by far is the best in the industry! Sherwin-Williams™ Conflex® beats all others hands down, measured by tensile strength, elongation, and elasticity. If you paint Stucco with a typical high quality 100% acrylic paint, it won't look like stone ever again, and you'll screw it up royally.

Today, painting industry has come full circle with paint technology, making those of the 80's, even the 90's obsolete. Remembering when a good quality paint warranted 5 or 10 years. Today, those same manufactures who having spent millions on research & development warranting paints 25 years to lifetimes.

Best Painter Tools & Equipment Resource

Just to Note:
All links below are not commissioned, getting no benefits to Eco Paint, Inc. Just suggesting areas every painter and/or contractor should keep top of the list, checking out.



From the first airless sprayers in the 70's, Gracco™ first on the seen with the Surmax Nova 395 upright. Today, many new models, however Gracco™ still using Nova in it's lineup, for those starting out. This was my model starting out, buying from Sherwin-Williams™, back in 1978.

Many airless models to choose from. You need to determine how much you'll be spraying. How much paint you want to spray. This equates to how fast the paint comes out. Starting with .35 GPM to 2.5 GPM, and three 100' hoses w/a 517 tip. All operate on a 110 electrical outlet, or gasoline powered.



Gracco was the first airless, but Titan™ quickly came on the scene in the 80's, and still provides an exceptional spray equipment. I've personally had several Titan 5500's over the years, and they are almost bullet-proof to various painters using them.

Purdy™ Brushes



Purdy's brushes are hand-made without compromise, in the same way they were over 85 years ago. Each Purdy brush is "signed" by the person who made it. This is done by a personalized sticker with the brush-makers signature. This is a mark of pride in a job well done. Purdy wants professional painters to know the tool in their hand was made to the highest level of quality by someone who cares as much as they do when it comes to putting their reputation on the line.


Needing 20 Top Best Painting Tools, Most Helpful?

Painting Tools & Supplies

Advice finding best painting tools, most painters use. Increasing productivity, quality, while saving time & money. Having used most of these myself, seeing the most ideal ones improve over the years.


From heavy duty surface protectors, flooring paper and surface films to dust containment accessories and protective wear- Trimaco has you covered! We offer a wide range of protective construction products, giving you complete job site confidence.

For more product information on our products, check out our catalog, sales sheets and videos. Discover all our current products in one place with our catalog. You have the option to download the catalog or virtually flip-through the pages. Find brochures and more details about individual protection products through our sales sheets. We also have videos that showcase our construction products and demonstrate their high-quality features.


Warner™ Ladders


You can count on Werner to deliver superior climbing equipment. When it's time to climb, the pros look to Werner for the solution.

Focusing on end users' needs drives Werner’s success. Our entire product design process—from engineering to manufacturing—creates a climbing system that ensures productivity, durability, and safety for the user. On job sites across America, Werner is preferred more than any brand because innovation, safety, and durability are built into every product.



Little Giant has the tallest A-Frame ladder made, being 21'. Very stable fully extended, with no wobble. Knowing how they are made, 40' is not mentioned, but can reach those heights as well.

Remembering going to Denver Home Shows, also Painting Conventions each year here in Colorado. One of the newest ladder systems being shown was Little Giant. At first glance, walked right past them, thinking secondhand, inferior equipment, compared to Warner, & Louisville.

Few years later, needing one, still have it, being a signature in my tool box. Lifetime Warranty is understandable, handling a Little Giant, working with it a few hours. Aluminum gauge thickness, tolerances, slides, pins, locks, best in the industry. Ha, maybe should've been a car salesman, but know this will be in your realm of tools your entire life.

Sources of Best Paint Manufactures




There's an old saying in the paint and projects world that goes, "if you've seen one job, you've seen one job."
As a pro you know how true that is. Every project demands something a little different. That's why BEHR® offers more than 400 products to help you meet every demand, and your specific need.
Learn more about the BEHR quality & value story.



Finding the most popular, updated colors for the home. Latest interior, exterior paint colors used on new construction, home builders using. Sherwin-Williams™ spends millions of dollars each year refining products, but also color coordination.

A win-win, having an older home, bringing it up to today's look and feel, inside or out with the widest selection of up to date paint colors.



Benjamin-Moore™ paints are the artisan's main component. A leading company in the painting industry, with the widest selection of paints, also sheens.

Not only is there official Benjamin-Moore™ stores, but also Ace Hardware stocks many popular paint bases, making it even more convenient locating. With this in mind, I'm sure there are these high quality paints near you.




Finding the right paint color has never been easier for your painting project. Glidden® is a subsidiary of PPG. Offers amazing paint colors, with a wide variety of paint sheens.

Can be found at any Walmart or Home Depot. Kitchen paint, bedroom paint, living room paint, dining room, or even nursery paint. Price points on the lower tier of paint industry, without sacrificing quality. Which brings up another topic.

Mentioning earlier,  in today's market, painting industry has come full circle with paint technology. Having been in the painting industry well over 40 years, wanted to provide a source of basic products related to house painting.

Seeing this market improve each year, especially with paint color app visualizations today.

Prime example is paints themselves. Remembering when a high quality exterior paint would last a good five years, fading out well before ten years. Knowing paint fade is the first thing to go, when paint breaks down, not protecting the substrate underneath.

Today, most exterior paints resist paint fade much longer! Wondering what you get buying Resilience® lifetime paint, opposed to Emerald® costing twice as much? Well, first thing is the higher price paint you purchase, the longer fade resistant that paint is. Continuing with keeping the paint sheen lasting much longer as well.

Just as a paint not fading near as quickly as years before, keeping it's paint sheen to it's most original look & feel, the greater protection for the material it's actually covering.


Source of Pro Painting Videos

Painting Tips & Techniques

There's always room to grow. That's why we've compiled a large list of helpful painting tips and techniques that can help improve your skills and quality of work. We're always adding new information from industry professionals, so check back often for new content.

So if you're a homeowner, or a full pledge painter, having today's paints limit warranty issues months, years later with the highest quality paints manufactured.Comments Welcome!
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