What Best Paint Finish To Use In Closets

What Best Paint Finish To Use In Closets


Painting your entire closets. Wondering what best paint finish to use inside closets on walls, trim & ceilings? We will discuss all paint sheens you can use, with best paint color in closets and doors.

Completing closet painting is like putting icing on the cake, so to speak. Having a freshly painted closet is a compliment to all your valuable items inside.

Closet paint finishes are just as important as other portions of your home, especially when the doors are open. Bedrooms can be painted a different color scheme than closets.

Therefore, we will dive into all finishes you should be familiar with, before painting closets.

Closet Paint Finishes


When painting closets, you may want to give it a different finish than you ordinarily paint walls and ceilings in other portions of your home. Many choose to paint closets, using same color and sheen as the wood trim, baseboards, doors, and it's casing.

Couple reasons to paint closets with same finish as rest of trim in the home. First, most trim is white, or off white. Lighter the color, the easier to see inside smaller areas, like closets, pantries, entry and coat closets.

Interior closet paint finishes;

  • Flat
  • Matte
  • Pearl
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss
  • Gloss
  • High Gloss

Choosing a closet paint finish, that you can paint and almost forget about it. However, giving this some careful consideration first. Closets are notorious collecting dust over time, so cleaning once a year is a good remedy. If you agree, you might want to consider using a semi-gloss paint finish inside your closets.

Typically, most closets do not have natural light, with windows inside, just like laundry rooms. If yours does, count yourself lucky. Painting your closet with same white trim color used throughout rest of home is ideal. Generally, trim finish you use is semi-gloss, gloss, or high gloss. The more shelving, and built-in wood trim, the more you'll want semi-gloss entirely in your closet.

Painting closets with a semi-gloss paint finish for all portions will be not only easy to clean, and wipe down, but paint will stay in premium condition the longest time frame.

For professional painters, who spray interiors, it's much easier to spray entire closet with one paint, same paint sheen. Even for homeowners, painting themselves, it's much easier to paint all shelving, doors, and rest of closet trim with one paint, same sheen.

We are skipping over flat, matte, pearl, and eggshell paint finish for closets. Reasons listed above in that we feel closets should be painted with same sheen as the trim throughout rest of your home. Also, all photos listed here are closets with satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss paint sheens.

Satin Paint For Closets


Satin paint in your closet has a higher gloss than eggshell, less than semi-gloss. This is a popular paint sheen for entire closet surfaces. If you've used satin paint for all your trim in other portions of your home, use that same paint and sheen in all areas of your closet.

Satin works well for all shelving, baseboards, also closet ceilings. Rarely needing to wipe down, but when you do, satin closet finish is a breeze. Never having to paint near as much. Matter of fact, when you paint your interior again, you can skip closet painting! Saving you time and money down the road.

Providing satin paint you've used in rest of your homes' trim is that of a white or off white. Remember, lighter the better in the small area of closets & pantries.

Semi-gloss Paint For Closets


Semi-gloss paint for closets are most popular in that more is used for all portions of trim inside the home. Bringing that same white semi-gloss into your closet is very wise. Much cleaner, and brighter is just a couple reasons.

Another reason to use semi-gloss inside a closet is it's more uniform painting everything with same paint, same paint finish.

What Best Paint & Color For Closet Doors

Best_Paint_And_ Color_For_Closet_Doors

Wondering what paint and color to use for closet doors? This is easy to answer. For a professional interior painting scheme, paint outside of closet doors same as other doors you've painted.

All doors inside the home should be the same paint color, also finish.

Inside the closet door, use the same paint color and sheen you've painted walls & ceilings. Hopefully that is semi-gloss. Having a glossier finish like semi-gloss inside your entire closet will not only clean very good, but not be obvious having a different sheen, as most closets are filled, and doors are typically shut.

Ceiling Paint For Closets


Not trying to impress others with different ceiling and wall colors, painting everything one paint, one paint sheen will bring more light, brightness, and fell bigger using a lighter, one paint scheme.

Instead of painting closet ceiling a flat white, choose same white trim paint with semi-gloss for walls, ceilings, and trim. However, if you have a very large closet, painting ceilings white, walls a different color is recommended.

Trim, cabinetry is different than ceiling white, but in higher gloss. Note; ceiling white paint goes well with Sherwin-Williams™ Alabaster white wall & trim paint.

A Few Preferred Closet Paint Suppliers;





In Summary;

Painting closets today should be painted with lightest colors in the rest of your home. Reason for this is closets, pantries, and coat closets are smaller, with less light. Painting closets with highest reflective finishes will help see your prized clothing items inside.

As all trim should have a gloss of some amount, the more trim you have, the more glossier finish you should use. Larger closets can have flat ceiling white, but walls trim should be same gloss used in the rest of your home. For consistency and uniformity.

Cleaning closets on a regular basis, dusting, wiping, you will not have to worry any paint will be coming off, using a gloss finish.

If you're needing closets painted in the Denver, CO. area, look no further. Contact Eco Paint, Inc. today. Our professional painters can take homes large or small for a turn-key interior painting project to it's completion in no time.

It's been a real pleasure talking about closet paint finishes. What is typically chosen, painting 100's of interiors each year.

We paint full interiors, as well as closets, pantries, mud rooms, living rooms, included with all interior painting jobs.

If you've enjoyed reading, would like to hear from you by commenting, sharing, or like article below.

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