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Giving you latest painting blog tips, contractors paint blog news we currently experience painting homes & businesses. Blogging all about painting, newest products, colors, latest techniques, ideas, & painting trends.

Blogging about interior panting techniques, to how to find an exterior paint contractor. Any new painting related thought brushing across this paint contractors mind gets mentioned.

Painting Blog Tips




Helping you with painting blog tips, sharing ideas all related around our paint industry. Even though paint is not smart, and only as good as the substrate it is covering, there are many paint products now assisting our area, having best results.

Painting blog recently published top free house paint apps we can all download, sharing with our clients. With today's latest technology, having newest house paint color visualizer apps to best fade resistant life-time paints. As we know most have android or an iPhone, paint colors schemes have never been easier.

A List Of Preferred Professional Paint Stores

All strive providing very best paints, improving each paint choice better every year. Today, there is no inferior paint product sold by major paint manufactures. Most interior, as well as exterior paints becoming greener, having even less volatile odor content (VOC's) Green Earth Friendly, Eco Paint, than yesterday.

Many "How to's" painting trim like a pro, to color advice, also trends found in this painting blog of Eco Paint's.

Painting Blog Topics Covered




Almost limitless of painting blog topics covered here. Speaking of green, blogging about personal painting experiences, learning first two days of 2019, how CBD cannabis edibles curing Lymphoma Cancer! I would have never learned this unless painting our clients interior. Helping those how to find an exterior painting contractor with next exterior paint job.

Many articles concerning interior painting, painting doors, to cabinets. If it's not a bathtub or sink, I bet we paint it.

Referencing which best products to use, where to find them. What best paint manufactures having best coffee while we wait for paint order being mixed. I'm telling you, if it's paint related, it can show up here.

Suggesting what to paint first, walls or trim, mentioning how to paint ceilings without paint on walls. Best tools painters use. A wide range of painting blog topics covered.

Talking about what to avoid, paint failures, such as bubbles, blisters, chips, & peels, to how to avoid paint flashing, streaks, & lap marks, helping those who do it themselves. Learning best homemade deck cleaner for you. What best paint finish for interior doors, to steps painting exterior wood siding & tips, we cover anything paint related.


Contractors Paint Blog News




Contractors paint blog covering newest products on the market today. Painting contractors as well as painters helping each other, bouncing ideas from Catskill NY, to Mansfield TX. Mentioning what paints products work best, what we may encounter, to how to fix particular paint situation.

How to prepare walls for painting, to how to clean paint brushes with mineral spirits, covering it all. Giving ideas how to clean, or prepare exterior walls for painting, to what best paint sheen for exteriors, painting subjects wide open.

Sharing what items must be included having best painting websites, so we all are successful showing up on the web today. What's working best, also with social media, again, covering a wide array of painting blog articles.

Professional organizations we belong to, such as BBB, PDCA & various civic groups, sharing our paint knowledge.

About Contractor's Paint Blog Author


About_Contractors_Paint_ Blog


Cal Phillips, a Denver paint contractor in business since 1977, painting Colorado homes & businesses. Changing company name from Cal's Home Improvements to Eco Paint Specialist's in 1993, started blogging in 09'. Then shortening company name to Eco Paint, Inc. in 2010.

Coining the phrase "Eco Paint", approximately seven years before any Green Earth Friendly paint available on a retail shelf. Acronym meant back then Economical as well as Ecological. Keeping both meanings alive today, with our pricing, as well as using sustainable paints we apply.

Someone just asked a few days ago, what did the cactus mean in our company logo. Well, when we decided on our company name in 93', wanted to portray ecological. This image has stuck ever since.

Well, glad your here! Welcoming you reading any painting blog, contractors paint blog articles published, which interests you. If so, be sure to like, share, ping, and/or comment below.

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